FROM $20 - $100,000

1.10% - 1.5%

hourly for - 96 hours

No requirement

Instant Payout

Hourly Earnings

FROM $500 - $100,000

2.0% - 3.0%

hourly for - 72 hours

No requirement

Instant Payout

Hourly Earnings

AI Booster
FROM $10000 - $100,000

3.10% - 5%

hourly for - 48 hours

No requirement

Instant Payout

Hourly Earnings



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About Us

Advancement through

AI technology

AI or artificial intelligence is a truly game changer technology for cryptocurrency trading. While traditional manual trading still plays a major part in cryptocurrency trading, We at AICURR are taking advantage of using our state of the art artificial intelligence trading engine that enable us to automate most mundane task when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. Our artificial intelligence accounts to 85% of our company overall trading revenues and when it comes to automation our AI technology are creating additional investment ideas and helping to build our strong investment portfolios.

Our advantages

Instant payment

AICURR are committed in bringing the best experience for all our investors.Thus offering instant payment for withdrawals enable all our investors to enjoy the fruit of their investment in just a matter of seconds.

Professional Team

AICURR are composed of team of professionals with 15 years combined experience in financial market, trade analytics and AI engine development.

Attractive Investments

AICURR are offering profitable investment plans that enable our investors to maximize their profits from our unique hourly investment packages.

Professional Support team

AICURR are committed to provide a top notch and professional customer service. Our support agents are available 24/7 to provide unparalleled help to all your account related problems and inquiries.

Affiliate program

We developed a three-level affiliate program

Are you a promoter or simply trying to make money online without any investment? AICURR offers 3 level referral program that enable both free members and investors to earn extra income by promoting our company to your friends, colleagues and other online contacts.


Multiple funding


AICURR are committed in providing an easy way to fund your investment account, Our automated system allows our investors to invest in our company instantly using perfectmoney, payeer and bitcoin.

AICURR are providing personal account dashboard secured with 256bit SSL encryption with optional 2FA as an added layer of account security.



ptriches $505.37
Adeel $20.00
Landop $99.90
Graspgoldcom $92.00
sibukonline $20.64
sibukonline $20.07
phuccv94 $30.00
rygostin $20.06
Vladis9 $20.00
Picksix999 $20.00

Top investors


petr46 $13.18
giacuong $11.00
Olgeta $2.31
Kurzer56 $5.55
spn80 $1.54
Mika $2.69
wangjx $9.68
Owen $2.20
erazmus298 $2.75
InstantMonitorCom $1.71

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